You want a strategic partner to learn your business, but you need them to know your industry — We recognize your business is unlike any other, so our process begins with a discovery phase to identify your unique brand attributes and benefits. Through deep industry insights, we help you recognize market trends, identify gaps, predict opportunities, and connect with buyers.


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Our experience with industrial enterprises is as diverse as the industry itself; from engineering and fabrication to machining, maintenance, and controls — our team knows the difference between CNC and PLC, and how to blend educational and creative content to explain processes, demonstrate capabilities, engage prospects, and increase your credibility.

No matter your service, product or solution, our qualified and knowledgeable team can understand engineering terminology and transform your complex processes into language that clearly conveys valuable benefits to customers in a way they will easily comprehend.


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With over two decades of experience in marketing and branding for B2B manufacturers, we understand the importance of building an authentic, trustworthy and unique brand. Just like manufacturers, we focus on optimizing processes, performance, and profitability.

We identify competitive advantages and communicate their value for each customer segment through impactful visuals and engaging videos. We are experts in communication and education for both customers and employees, demonstrating processes, capabilities, and products for more effective marketing and training.


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Like you, Square One Creative Group is passionate about education, and we understand the importance of community support for school programs and district initiatives. During our years of collaborating with superintendents, principals, and other education professionals; we’ve honed our strategies to reach parents, students, businesses, churches, government officials and other educators with relatable and compelling messages to gain the unified support of your purpose.

Through online resources, intuitive web design, videos, fundraising and community events, we get people interested and invested, and most importantly keep them connected with your school system.

& Controls

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From lighting designers, specifiers, and contractors to architects and agents, Square One Creative Group has over a decade of experience connecting with buyers in the lighting industry. We will bring immediate value in strategic positioning and product marketing in this rapidly evolving market space.

We understand how to build a value proposition around performance, intelligence, aesthetics, sustainability, and innovation; and we know which attributes each customer values most. We’ll focus on your objectives and get to the core of your brand to help you advance ahead of industry trends, and your competitors.

& Healthcare

Medical & Healthcare Icon

Our experience in the Medical and Healthcare arena includes health systems, GPO’s, physicians, consultants, insurers, pharma and device manufacturers. We can help you create unique and exceptional experiences for customers and patients, as well as enhance your culture and improve employee satisfaction.

By creating online patient portals and wellness resources, producing informative videos and content, events and conferences, as well as environmental design and packaging design, Square One Creative Group enhances safety through knowledge sharing, improved wayfinding, and product identification.

Technology SERVICES

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Enterprises or end users, hardware, software, networking, or database solutions, whatever your technology company provides and whoever you provide it to, Square One Creative Group offers the valuable advantage of insights gained from years of experience in the competitive technology space.

Our expertise in UI design, data visualization, BI analytics, and diverse technology markets allows our team to hit the ground running, working together with your team to enhance your brand and products, grow your market share, and propel your business beyond the competition.

& demolition

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We’ve worked with contractors and site managers to learn the processes involved in construction and renovation, site clearance and debris recycling. Additionally, we’ve worked with purchasing agents and developers to understand key decision influencers and expectations, as well as how and where they get information.

Whether your business is putting them up or bringing them down, Square One Creative Group knows what your customers value most — project management and technical expertise, quality service, safety, and sustainability. We also know the best way to tell your unique story is to create it on the work site and deliver it on your website.

Financial SERVICES

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When you’re in the banking and financial services world, we understand your business has to be compliant, but your brand doesn’t have to be dull. Square One Creative Group knows how to enhance your brand within the guidelines.

We create engaging videos, creative visuals, and informative content to clearly explain your financial products and services. Using targeted strategies and personalized experiences to attract and retain customers, along with analytical tools to gain valuable insights, we’re able to continuously improve results and optimize marketing ROI.


Insurance Icon

In the highly competitive insurance business, growth is driven by brand recognition, engagement, and trust. At Square One Creative Group, creating memorable experiences, trusted brands, and sustainable pipelines for growth is our specialty. We have developed refined strategies and effective tactics by studying diverse audiences, competitive products, market trends, regulations, and other influences.

We leverage these insights to craft brand messaging and design marketing platforms, online content, and interactive tools that allow insurance agents to connect with their customers wherever they are and when they need it most.

Community organizations

Community Organizations Icon

When it comes to engaging the community and gaining support for county and city government projects or non-profit programs, the team at Square One Creative Group knows just how to develop the strategic plan, convincing message, and creative tools to connect emotionally and intellectually, clearly presenting your vision, action plan, and budget requirements.

We create comprehensive and resourceful solutions, utilizing the best platforms and channels to promote the valuable benefits for your community. Our success spans county economic development and city tourism, corporate sponsorship and donor fundraising, building expansion and community projects.

& Utilities

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Whether you are a utility company that powers communities or a B2B technology company that engineers innovative energy solutions, Square One Creative group has the industry experience and technical knowledge to energize your brand and power your marketing system.

We provide insights into the commercial, residential and corporate customers you need, and understanding of their differing needs, decision-making process, and factors that influence them. As technologies advance and markets evolve, we continuously work to stay ahead of pace, so we can keep your business connected with customers and prospective buyers.

& Aircraft

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When it comes to keeping your brand flying as high as your customers, Square One Creative Group has the industry knowledge and the creative marketing expertise to help your brand achieve maximum altitude — whether you design and manufacture aircraft, maintain them, or operate a fleet for corporate clients.

We’re a team of marketing strategists and creative professionals, but we’re also engineering and aviation enthusiasts, so we work with you to create immersive experiences online and off to capture the hearts and minds of customers and educate your employees and operators.